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Fire Fighting System at AGOCO Tobruk Refinery Tank Farm

Installation of foam extinguishant systems on tanks 805&842 and fire detection systems on the floating roof tanks at Tobruk Refinery, this included fire detection systems on the floating roof tanks and foam extinguishant systems on tanks
Purpose of this project was to insure reliable and early fire detection on 19 floating roof tanks and early warning of the potential fire incident, allowing for timely activation of emergency systems. Linear heat detector is used as a sensor and it is installed in Rim Seal; system uses following components:
1. Linear heat detector
2. Interposing cables
3. Manual call point
4. Local horn/beacon
5. Interface & mimic control panel ( assembled and wired by Petrolcomet team in Ras Lanuf )
6. Fire alarm control panel Tyco 4010
7. Annunciating repeater panel
8. 4009 IDNet extender panel
This is one of the first addressable linear heat detector in firefighting system for tank farm in Libya.
Location: Tobruk Refinery Agoco Tank Farm
Completion date: obligated by the contract 18.9.2010 , realization was finished 16.9.2010.

We can proudly announce that Petrolcomet has earned the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, certified with DAS Certification Ltd. since 24th December 2013.
Works on this project started in August 2010 and up till now 50% is done. This includes cleaning the 144” pipe and mounting and testing 8” pipe which is connected to nozzles.
Petrolcomet's certificates and Letters of Recommendation from our partners.
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